Septic Repairs and Maintenance in Bellingham, Birch Bay and Lynden

Providing efficient septic tank repair and maintenance services

No one wants smelly sewage backing up into their home or business. If clogged lines are causing problems, turn to the pros at AA Quality Septic LLC for septic tank repair or maintenance services. We have over 60 years of experience diagnosing and fixing septic systems in and around Bellingham, Birch Bay & Lynden, WA.

To learn about our septic tank maintenance program or repairs, call 360-410-0815 now.

Warning Signs of a Damaged Septic System

If your septic system has been damaged or worn down, you’ll likely notice a few warning signs. Reach out to us for septic tank repair or maintenance services when you:

1 Hear gurgling sounds coming from your plumbing systems.
2. Notice your tubs, showers and sinks are draining slowly or backing up.
3. Smell foul odors or notice standing water around your septic tank and drain field.

If you’ve noticed these red flags, call ASAP to schedule septic tank maintenance or repair service. We look foreward to serving you in Belingham, Birch Bay, Blaine, Lynden and the surrounding areas.

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